Profissional de Mediação Imobiliária em Park City, Utah Estados Unidos
Real Estate Agent

Kathie Marriott-Manangan

Profissional de Mediação Imobiliária em Park City, Utah Estados Unidos

Kathie Marriott-Manangan is a Realtor® because she loves the profession. Clients become trusted friends after they learn first-hand of her depth of knowledge, experience, and character. She brings her positive attitude and zest for life to every transaction, always certain that good things will come. "Helping people find their perfect first or second home is my joy and privilege, which couples superlatively with her adept know-how and impeccable awareness of client needs. Her vast catalog of skills can be neatly reduced to a savvy ability to identify with any and all clients. Translation: smooth, seasoned sailing to loving where you live."

Born and raised in California, Kathie's life journey brought her to Park City in 1987. While raising her children here, she became familiar with this tight-knit community by not only promoting the lifestyle, but genuinely living it too. "Park City is comprised of an eclectic group of people who are talented enough to be capable of living anywhere in the world, yet they choose Park City. It makes all the difference when people choose to live in an area rather than leaving it to chance circumstances."

Kathie knows from personal experience that dreams really do come true. In 2011, at the height of her successful real estate career, she was diagnosed with Lymphoma Leukemia. Undaunted, she knew with every ounce of her being that health would be hers again if she dreamed hard enough. In early 2013 her Leukemia was thankfully analyzed to be in remission. However, life once again dealt her a challenging hand. In late summer of that year she was informed she had advanced breast cancer that would require surgery. Today, she has recovered splendidly from her surgery and is completing the medically recommended course of treatment. Her vitality and deep appreciation for all that life offers has never been better. "I don't want people to think of me as a cancer survivor, but as someone who grabbed life with both hands and held on tight. Cancer is a suitcase I pick up and take with me, but it's definitely not the whole trip."

Through her recovery process, Kathie experienced to the fullest extent the many benefits of living in this area. Not only did she receive overwhelming support from her friends and professional connections, but the clean air, plentiful sunshine, and relaxed pace of life played key roles in her regaining vibrant health. "There are innumerable reasons to love living in this area, but I've all-too-personally now experienced my top two: community and health."

Although her six children are now grown with families of their own, Kathie and her husband, Nick, still wouldn't dream of living anywhere else. They love Salsa dancing, golfing, going to the many concerts performed around town, and walking the miles of trails all year long. One of Kathie & Nick's greatest passions is their participation in a biennial medical mission to the Philippines through the California based Mabuhy Medical Mission. Nick is a physician, and both he and Kathie have Philippine heritage. "This work gives so much meaning to our lives. We're so blessed with such a wonderful life here in Park City, but the joy we receive from helping people who would otherwise go without medical attention is profound."

Witnessing the changes that have occurred in Park City over the past 25 years has given Kathie a keen understanding of local issues, neighborhood distinctions, and savvy judgment of the real estate market that only long-term experience can offer. She has been fortunate to observe the foundational development of many of Park City's residential neighborhoods and commercial districts. As a result, her historical knowledge offers her clients valuable insight into the local community and real estate market, while providing them the information necessary to make the best possible decisions for their individual situations. "It's one thing to know the current state of affairs, but altogether another to know how it got that way. You have to know both in order to make reasonable projections about what may happen in the future, so wise choices can be made today."

Kathie welcomes you to Park City. Whether you're a new resident or purchasing a second Park City property, Kathie is glad you're part of the PC community.

1750 Park Avenue
PO Box 2370, Park City, Utah, 84060 Estados Unidos