Costa Norte do Óregon, Óregon, EUA

Viver na Costa Norte do Óregon

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The North Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest with long sandy beaches, colorfully diverse tide pools and offshore rock monoliths scattered like paint along the coastline.  When not on the beach, a visitor can discover and get lost in the magical fern-filled green velvet-looking tree forests while hiking or biking. Somehow the brilliant beauty of the coast makes the issues of life seem far away and brings you into the peaceful presence of your natural surroundings. 

Here you can also become captivated with whale watching, exploring lighthouses, learning to surf or taking a silent walk with the ocean on an uncrowded beach.  Outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, clam digging, surfing, kite flying and boating abound. 

The beach towns and neighborhoods of the North Oregon Coast include Cannon Beach, Gearhart, and Manzanita.  These quaint destinations welcome vacationers from all around the world. The typical shingle cottage homes along the coast offer residents a cozy neighborhood feel and a daily view of gorgeous beaches, bountiful golf courses and short drives to the bigger towns and cities like Seaside, Astoria, Portland and Seattle.

Whether just a visitor passing through or a long time resident of this enchanted part of Oregon, the memories and specialness of this charmed place stays with you for a lifetime.

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