Del Rey Oaks

Del Rey Oaks at a Glance

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With a total area of half a mile and a population under 2,000, [Del Rey Oaks|seo:RegionHomePage|title:Del Rey Oaks Real Estate] is a little jewel of a town located between Monterey and [Seaside|seo:RegionOfficeSearchResults|title:Monterey Peninsula]. One of the Peninsula's best-kept secrets, it has great accessibility to shopping and the highway. Along with excellent weather and enviable views of the Monterey Peninsula, real estate in Del Rey Oaks benefits from easy access to the Stone Creek Shopping Center and the Frog Pond Preserve, ideal for nature hikes and bird watching. Also, the Del Rey Oaks Golf Driving Range is frequently cited in local publications as one of the best values on the Peninsula. A new golf resort on 400 acres is under construction.