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Home Buyers are drawn to Switzerland real estate for its economic and political stability and to the Lake Geneva region in particular for its beauty, traditions and cultural heritage. The historical real estate of the region, such as Roman ruins, medieval castles and archeological sites cast their spells.

It is an area of verdant abundance that encompasses three of Switzerland’s 26 cantons, or states: Vaud, Geneva and Valais. For many, the Lake Geneva lifestyle is one of infinite pleasures, as diverse as yacht-racing and wine-tasting. There are eight appellations in the region alone.

It is also an area of international influence. Geneva, the country’s second largest city, is the seat of numerous multinational corporations and global organizations including United Nations agencies and the International Red Cross. Its central European location makes quick work of flights to European capitals.

In Geneva, Old Town or Vieille Ville is the city’s historical heart and one of the most sought-after residential neighborhoods. The upper crust suburb of Cologny, just northeast of Geneva, is marked by pretty country lanes and open fields. Cologny has been dubbed the Swiss Beverly Hills due to its exclusivity and the roster of famous residents who’ve made homes here.

Resort towns and quiet villages line the Swiss Riviera. Many have dynamic expat communities. Vestiges of a Roman colony continue to be discovered in Nyon, where the remains of an amphitheatre and forum stand. The city of Lausanne is built on three hills and surrounded by vineyards. The International Olympic Committee has been based here for a century.

The popular holiday destination of Montreux is set in the foothills of the Alps. Writers, artists and musicians have long been welcome here, and its jazz festival is world renown. According to the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, 49 percent of Montreux’s population is made up of foreigners. One former newcomer--Freddy Mercury, the late lead singer for the rock band Queen--is immortalized in a statue. As he once said, “If you want peace of mind, come to Montreux.”