Специалист по торговле недвижимостью в Taipei City, Taiwan Тайвань
Real Estate Agent

Evelyn Kuo

Специалист по торговле недвижимостью в Taipei City, Taiwan Тайвань
After graduating from high school, I set my sights abroad and lived in Australia for 8 years, then in the US for another 4 years. Working previously in the banking industry and now in commercial real estate have given me invaluable experience, teaching me how to effectively co-operate and work with people from different backgrounds. No matter what the nature of the job is, I am confident that any problem can be resolved and any task can be completed as long as I work hard and retain a willingness to learn. Thus, I am always actively involved in my work, and once I become involved in a project I make every effort to see it through to the end. I am an optimistic person with good communication skills, and am always on the go. A positive attitude helps me to quickly recover from frustration, and attentively listening to others allows me to more fully understand their opinions. This makes me an affinitive person who can solve problems with a high degree of consideration. Since leaving Citibank, I have been working in commercial real estate for years in order to lay a foundation for my long-term career plans. I aim to become a diversified real estate broker with high working efficiency who can achieve the company’s goals. Based on my expertise and proficient work performance, my aspiration is to provide clients with an advanced level of service.