Специалист по торговле недвижимостью в Aspen, Колорадо Соединенные Штаты
Real Estate Agent

Rich Wagar

Специалист по торговле недвижимостью в Aspen, Колорадо Соединенные Штаты

Howdy, welcome to a snap shot of my business life. I look forward to talking with you and helping you in any way I can.

33 times my thoughts and quotes have been seen in the local Aspen publications touting me as an expert in area real estate. In addition, I have been on the news networks of CNN and most recently by CNBC on my opinion regarding the state of the Aspen Real Estate market.

My market knowledge and negotiating skills were well honed in the trenches since 1969, when I began working for Aspen's Dick Butera, owner of called White Birch Lakes in Michigan. Dick Butera and I then reunited in Aspen Club Realty in the 1980's.

Eventually, one-half billion dollars became my Aspen area real estate sold volume. That volume is truly amazing to me, a small town boy from Michigan that graduated from Michigan State, and who planned to be a schoolteacher.

In 1970, I began working at Fitzgerald Real Estate Company in Aspen with an entry-level job. Within months, I was promoted to property manager, then full time sales. Back then, it took more than one job to survive in Aspen, so I worked three. I was a ski instructor and waiter at The Shaft to supplement my real estate sales habit.

For most of us, the mountains came first and making a living came second. My days in the mountains meant everything to me. My intense love of the mountains and their challenges continues to this day.

I had fun arranging a complimentary G-4 for to fly across the USA (I love a challenge), worked with the author Michael Crichton, and became friends with Tony Robbins. Tony, his wife and I vacationed at their resort on a remote island in Fiji. Very awesome experience, especially since Tony closed the resort just for us.

415 E. Hyman Avenue
Aspen, Колорадо, 81611 Соединенные Штаты