Пелопоннес, Греция

Жить на полуострове Пелопоннес

Iyna Bort Caruso

A narrow strip of land, the Isthmus of Corinth, is the gateway to what some call the mythical heart of Greece: the Peloponnese Peninsula.

History connects with nature in the mountain villages, sandy coasts and ancient ruins that lay in this southernmost region of the country a couple of hours’ drive west of Athens.

Lonely Planet awarded Peloponnese the top spot on their 2016 Best in Europe list, calling it “one of the country’s most diverse, vibrant regions” and one that’s often overlooked. Those in the know, however, have discovered it’s a destination for good food, authentic beauty and Greek spirit.

Mycenae is a fortress city of the Bronze Age and the legendary home of Agamemnon, Greek leader in the Trojan War. The peninsula has long suffered at the hands of invaders, and fortifications are common throughout. Medieval towns are found in the provincial heartland of Arcadia in the central mountain region. Arcadia is bordered by the province of Laconia, an area of castles and caves and one of Peloponnese’s four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The ancient town of Olympia in the region of Elis is another UNESCO Site. Remains of the ancient Olympic games can still be seen. Messinia, in the southwest part of Peloponnese, is known for its soft-sand beaches, vineyards, gorges and olive groves. One of the oldest olive trees in the world is in Messnia’s port city of Kalamata.

Wealthy Athenians have their favorite Peloponnesian getaway spots. Nafplio is a widely photographed weekend retreat on the Argolic Gulf marked by neoclassic, Venetian and Ottoman architecture. It has the distinction of being the first capital of the modern Greek state from 1823 to 1834.

In winter, skiers head to Kalavryta for its world-class facilities. Come summer, the islands of Elafonissos and Spetses bring out the sun-seekers.

Traditional Peloponnese homes are built of wood or stone, some with ornate balconies. Garden estates as well as modern luxury developments with resort-caliber amenities also attract the attention of buyers.

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