Winter Warm-Up

Winter Warm-Up

Smart Tech To Keep Outdoor Spaces Cozy All Year Long

When the temperature drops, there’s no need to stay indoors as long as your outdoor space is equipped with the best in smart-heating devices. Whether entertaining guests on your outdoor patio or enjoying a relaxing evening for two in your yard, these products will enable you to stay warm in the fresh air all year long.


The unparalleled luxury of slipping into a warm bath on a cool night is improved only by the high-tech enhancements of Sundance Spa’s 980 Series hot tubs. Their 980 models range from five to seven seats.

In addition to superior hydrotherapy to ease sore muscles with help from their Accu-Ssage therapy seats and Fluidix massage jets, the 980 Series incorporates aromatherapy with the SunScents system and a Glass i-Touch control to adjust settings as needed. Sundance Spa’s SmartTub app allows users to manage the temperature and settings of their spa from anywhere, so you can slide into recliner-style lounge seats with water set to the perfect temperature while beverages remain chilled in the included SunCooler.


When the air is crisp, a reliable heating lamp can make dining al fresco a pleasurable experience. The Bromic Heating Platinum Smart-Heat Series II Electric Patio Heater is designed for semi-enclosed, low-clearance outdoor spaces without the hassle of heavy, space-hogging stand-up units.

The heater is made from stainless steel with a ceramic glass screen to minimize light emissions and its carbon footprint while providing powerful electric warmth from a compact unit that can be flush-mounted to any wall or ceiling.

The Smart-Heat Series II can be controlled wirelessly from up to 100 feet away to allow for dimming and heat management of multiple heaters.


S’mores over backyard bonfires no longer have to be a smoky affair relegated to the summer months with the portable BioLite Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit. At 27 inches long and only 20 pounds, the BioLite can be carried to any spot in the yard as easily as it can be brought to the beach, thanks to its folding legs and handles.

The BioLite operates with both coal and wood, and its metal mesh siding creates a clear, relaxing view of the flames. The addition of a Bluetooth fan creates a nearly smokeless backyard fire that can be controlled by your phone through its companion app. A rechargeable-battery power-pack attachment has USB ports for charging phones and other devices. In addition to providing warmth, the BioLite can also be used for grilling on-the-go for a convenient barbecue alternative.

A backyard can feel toasty anytime of the year with the BioLite Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit
A backyard can feel toasty anytime of the year with the BioLite Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit.


Cold patio tiles are enough to send anyone indoors or in search of warmer footwear, but the SunTouch Radiant Floor TapeMap provides electric warmth that can be installed under concrete, plywood, tile, or stone patio flooring to keep floors toasty no matter the thermostat reading. The TapeMaps are sold in 20-square-foot pieces.

SunTouch Radiant Floors can be partnered with the SunTouch SunStat programmable thermostat, which connects over Wi-Fi and utilizes SmartStart technology to sense air and floor temperatures for automatic adjustments to meet the programmable seven-day heating schedule.


To create the perfect ambience for an outdoor dinner, the Regal Flame Utopia Tabletop Portable Fireplace provides the cozy flicker of a real open flame as your centerpiece without the smoke, soot, or hassle of a traditional fireplace.

The vent-free fireplace uses eco-friendly technology and bioethanol fuel to produce 250 square feet of warmth. The Regal Flame Tabletop Fireplace creates an eight-to-12-inch flame that is viewable from 360 degrees.

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