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Iyna Bort Caruso

England is a country animated by history and heritage. It is at once pastoral and cosmopolitan, retiring and pioneering. It is the birthplace of big ideas in literature, music and architecture. Though a small nation, it has abundant resources and wields extraordinary influence in global affairs. As a powerhouse of finance and politics, it is a country that has long enjoyed an elevated position on the world stage.

England’s architecture famously spans millennia, from prehistoric monuments like Stonehenge and Roman aqueducts to medieval castles like the Tower of London and modern manses.

Multicultural London holds international appeal for real estate investors as the U.K. capital and a global financial hub. The country’s priciest and most prestigious properties are in neighborhoods like Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Notting Hill.

The Great Fire of 1666 devastated the city, destroying thousands of homes and dozens of churches. The prolific architect Sir Christopher Wren stepped in with a plan to rebuild, and his hand is on halls, hospitals and, perhaps most notably, the English Baroque masterpiece, St. Paul’s Cathedral, where Wren is buried. The Latin inscription on his gravestone speaks to his impact: If you seek his memorial, look around you.

The English take pride in their past and their preservation efforts are evident. Among the examples are aristocratic residences surrounded by acres of parkland, pastures and formal gardens. Some were originally built as garrisons and sanctuaries. In cities like London are apartments in Victorian mansions designed by leading architects of the day. The most desirable feature roof terraces that look out onto the city skyline. Other luxury properties include apartments sit on dramatic stretches of the Thames River and modern loft-style homes converted from 19th century warehouses. The most important buildings of architectural or historical interest enjoy special designation on the National Heritage List for England. Approximately 500,000 buildings are listed, some dating back centuries.

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