Profesional Inmobiliario en Montreux, Vaud Suiza
Real Estate Agent

Stéphane Junod

Profesional Inmobiliario en Montreux, Vaud Suiza
I would describe myself as a dynamic, sporty person with an optimistic attitude. I was born in Montreux, Switzerland and have built up a strong network of connections here over the years. I started working as a real estate broker in 2003 and a year later I earned my USPI certificate, becoming a qualified member of the Swiss Union of Real Estate Professionals. I have previous experience as an authorised agent and manager and am passionate about negotiation. I love working with people and have kept my strong sense of entrepreneurship. My ambition today is to bring all my clients the benefit of my extensive experience as I help them with their property transactions.
Designación: Agente inmobiliario
Rue du Théâtre 7 bis
Montreux, Vaud, 1820 Suiza