Profesional Inmobiliario en Aspen, Colorado Estados Unidos
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Ernie Fyrwald

Profesional Inmobiliario en Aspen, Colorado Estados Unidos

Ernie's life has been a myriad of adventures, both in the United States and overseas. After spending his early years in Norway, he and his family relocated to the U.S. when he was five. Ernie frequently travels throughout Europe and Scandinavia, and when not residing in Aspen, Colorado, he and his family have lived in Madrid, Spain, and Paris, France.

Ernie's passion for the outdoors led him to spend 28 years in the retail field of sporting goods, during which time he both owned and operated a chain of stores in the majority of the major ski areas in Colorado and Utah. Both during and after this period, he developed several commercial properties both for locations for his stores and for outside investment.

After selling his retail operation in the late nineties, Ernie entered into the real estate business full time, focusing on both development and sales. With his partner and friend, Craig Morris, together they created Morris & Fyrwald Real Estate in October of 2000.

Ernie is a family man through and through. He and his wife Lacy have four children - Ryder, Murphy, Gentry, and Carly. Over the years, his commitment to children has motivated him to take a very aggressive role in both local and national charity work.

In 1984, Ernie founded a foundation for children that accommodates up to 400 children for golf and other recreational programs. With the assistance of a Board of Directors, Ernie continues to remain actively involved in its operation. The majority of his additional charity work involves children's programs in various venues.

Ernie's strongest attributes are doing what he says he will do and keeping integrity at the forefront. You can expect a 100% commitment from Ernie in all arenas and at all times!

415 E. Hyman Avenue
Aspen, Colorado, 81611 Estados Unidos