Princeton, Nueva Jersey, EUA

Dentro de Ivy Town

Iyna Bort Caruso

Princeton, New Jersey is equidistant from New York City and Philadelphia, about 50 miles from each, yet it’s anything but a drive-through municipality along the Northeast Corridor.

The Ivy League locale is a mini-metropolis with big-city offerings. Princeton is known for a flourishing cultural scene of art, dance, museums and regional theater, which is closely tied to Princeton University. The downtown epicenter of shopping and dining is Palmer Square. Locals enjoy an active lifestyle, in-town and throughout the greater central New Jersey region. There are lakes for ice skating, preserves for hiking and parks for biking. Vineyards are nearby; skiing facilities are about an hour away. It’s no surprise Princeton scores exceptional high on quality-of-life surveys.

With Princeton University as its centerpiece and three respected colleges close by,

this academic-focused community breeds a rich talent pool of high-earning professionals and scholars. Companies like Dow Jones, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Johnson and Johnson are among those with corporate campuses and research facilities here. 

Credit local brainpower for a wellspring of innovation and dynamism. And yet Princeton is also a place all about tradition with a well-documented track record of preservation. Princeton was settled in the late 17th century and enjoys a little-known distinction of having served--however briefly--as the nation’s capital in 1783.  Between the sycamores and dogwoods, national historic landmarks include the homes of Grover Cleveland and Albert Einstein. Historic walking tours are offered weekly.

An unusually large inventory of pre-World War II architecture exists among a collection of newer condominiums, townhouses and a few high profile, high drama modern estates. Owners of older residences are recognized by the Historical Society of Princeton for their conservation efforts and sensitive renovations. Gracious Georgians, Tudors and Normandy-inspired manor homes show off the legacy of yesterday’s skilled architects and artisans.