chuyên gia bất động sản tại Other Kwazulu-Natal, Kwazulu-Natal Nam Mỹ
Real Estate Agent

Nevenka Mavrodaris

chuyên gia bất động sản tại Other Kwazulu-Natal, Kwazulu-Natal Nam Mỹ
I started my career in Real Estate in September 2001 and have never looked back. I had been in the property business for one week when a friend of mine gave me a sole mandate to sell her house and find her a suitable new home. I did this and a few days later, I had sold my first house and I was bitten by the bug. I put my heart and soul into Real Estate and realised that I loved the people contact and all that goes with being a successful agent such as knocking on doors and sitting on show, etc. I did well in the next four yes and consequently won a number of awards such as “Most units sold for the year” and “Agent concluding the most referrals”. Real estate is extremely interesting and exciting to me after coming from a bookkeeping background where I was stuck behind four walls from 8-5. I, none the less, feel that my background has benefited me in that I learnt a discipline that helps me on the financial side of real estate. My aspirations of becoming a franchisee materialised after just four years in the Real Estate industry. I am extremely confident and certain that my past experiences have helped me in my new career as principal of SIR Pinetown. I have my NQF 4 qualification in real estate and am in the process of doing my NQF 5 qualification.
Tiếng Croatia,
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Shop 7C, Sandy's Centre
174 Joisah Gumede Road, Other Kwazulu-Natal, Kwazulu-Natal, 3630 Nam Mỹ