Brisbane, Úc

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Iyna Bort Caruso

Brisbane is one of Australia’s oldest and fastest-growing cities. The capital of the state of Queensland enjoys a sun-soaked climate and a relaxed, pretention-free vibe.

The Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, two top seaside destinations for swimmers, snorkelers and surfers, are just over an hour away. “Brisbanites,” however, have plenty to keep them entertained within both the city and inner suburbs including a thriving music scene, riverside gardens, open-air dining, flagship boutiques, Australia’s only inner city beach and art. A decommissioned power station now houses a contemporary arts center.

The shorts-in-winter weather contributes to an active outdoor lifestyle where the priority is on work/life balance.

The country’s third largest city is a progressive and multicultural global hub, the closest major Australian capital city to Asia. Technology, mining and financial services are among its economic drivers.

Home prices in Brisbane are less than in major Australian markets like Sydney and Melbourne. In the inner city, international buyers invest in up-market apartments and use them as pieds-a-terre. New residential developments are changing the skyline and raising the bar on luxury amenities. Old warehouses are being redeveloped into contemporary loft units.

While Brisbane does offer its share of apartments, single-family homes are more common with Queenslander considered the traditional style of residential architecture. The style was developed in the 19th century and is well suited to the subtropical climate. Queenslander homes typically have high ceilings, deep verandas and are elevated. The under-floor area captures breezes, working to cool the home naturally. It can double as a carport.

Neighborhoods considered inner city suburbs that are located close to the central business district and near the river are in high demand. They include Tenerife, New Farms, Ascot and Hamilton, all of which offer gracious estates and heritage architecture.

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