Sống ở Indonesia

Iyna Bort Caruso

Indonesia stretches along the two continents of Asia and Oceania, straddles both sides of the equator and is scattered over more than 17,000 islands, making it the world’s largest island country.  Most of the 260 million-plus population, however, is concentrated on the island of Java.

The country’s extraordinary natural wealth covers coral reefs, eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, coffee plantations, volcanic craters and a noted orangutan wildlife reserve. In the world of elite mountaineering, the 16,000-foot peak of Carstensz Pyramid is well known as one of the “Seven Summits,” the group representing the highest peak on each of the seven continents.

Indonesia is a confluence of languages and cultures with the motto “Unity in Diversity.” Some 87 percent of the population is Muslim. While Islamic doctrine plays a role in society, the country is a secular democracy.

Indonesia has the largest economy in Southeast Asia. Jakarta, on the northwest coast of Java, is its capital city and principal gateway. Skyscrapers dominate the central business district where some of the country’s most expensive residential flats are located. The commercial and financial area of the Golden Triangle is a particularly popular base for multinational firms and expats. The leafy and affluent Menteng district is home to a number of embassies and historic residences.

Bali, the heart of the country’s Hindu community, is one of Indonesia’s wealthiest areas, the beneficiary of enthusiastic tourism and international investment. The inland city of Ubud is Bali’s spiritual capital while Seminyak is its beachfront hub of restaurant clubs, bars and famous sunsets. Bali is a popular vacation destination for wealthy Indonesians as well as for investors from Australia, Hong Kong, mainland China and Singapore who favor upmarket hotel-condominium developments with resort amenities. The neighboring island of Lombok also draws second-home buyers as a quieter, less crowded alternative.

Indonesia’s investment in infrastructure, growing urbanization and increasingly affluent middle class has been fueling the housing market. Properties are available to international buyers on a leasehold basis and freehold for residents.