Goyang-Si, South Korea

Living in Goyang-Si

Iyna Bort Caruso

The city of Seoul is South Korea’s bastion of fashion, arts, culture and business. It’s also the population hub, a fact that was behind an ambitious initiative to build cities around the capital to ease density and boost the housing supply.

Goyang is the largest of Seoul’s satellite cities with about one million residents.

Goyang is divided into three administrative districts, Deogyang-gu, which is closest to Seoul, Ilsandong-gu and Ilsanseo-gu. The city is home to Korea Aerospace University, major broadcasting companies and the Korea International Exhibition Center, the country’s largest convention venue.

There’s plenty of greenery in Goyang, which has been a priority of planners, especially as the city has experienced extraordinary growth in the last few years.

Ilsan Lake Park is the largest artificial lakeshore park in all of Asia. It features a bike path, playgrounds, beautiful gardens, a nature center and plenty of squares and fountains. Every year, Lake Park is the site of the Goyang International Flower Show, in which more than two dozen countries participate.

In addition to the flower festival, Goyang is known for its arts and cultural festivals as well as a big street parade commemorating the Siege of Haengju, one of three major battles during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592. The Haengju Fortress draws thousands for a New Year’s Day sunrise celebration. Officially, the city may be only decades old but history looms large with royal tombs, temples and ancient relics.

Goyang attracts younger buyers as well as celebrities and newscasters because of its proximity to broadcasting facilities. In fact, the area is a popular backdrop for films and television shoots. High-rise apartments dominate the property market but bold architects have been building statement residences that embrace Korean aesthetics.


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