7:1 ratio of unmatched service

Dedicated Team

For every 7 agents, there is 1 experienced staff member whose sole focus is to enhance your Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty experience and make your job easier.

Administrative and Operations

  • Buy Now
    Beth Stedman

    Vice President, Operations

  • Benedict_DeannHiRes
    Deann Benedict

    Vice President, Agent Services

  • Allison Miliotis
    Allison Miliotis

    Listing Coordinator, Cobb Office

  • Alyssa Onay
    Alyssa Onay

    Administrative Assistant, Buckhead Office

  • Andrea McKeithan
    Andrea McKeithan


  • Anne Trainor
    Anne Trainor

    Office Administrator, North Atlanta Office

  • RM Sotheby’s
    Bianca Okonoboh

    Operations Associate

  • Courtney Sample
    Courtney Sample

    Executive Assistant

  • Benedict_DeannHiRes
    Doreen Thurston

    Senior Listing Coordinator, Buckhead Office

  • Buy Now
    Jennifer Daniel

    Human Resources Administrator

  • Sotheby’s Wine
    Jessica Nersesian

    Executive Assistant

  • RM Sotheby’s
    Gary Gregrory

    Staff Assistant

  • Kerri Gurley
    Kerri Gurley

    Agent Development Director

  • Valerie Simmons
    Valerie Simmons

    Senior Office Manager

  • Leslie Pollard
    Leslie Pollard

    Personal Assistant to Jenny Pruitt

  • Maddie MacDonald
    Maddie MacDonald

    Office Manager, Intown Office

  • Natasha Barnes
    Natasha Barnes

    Listing Coordinator, Intown Office

  • Nicole Brackman
    Nicole Brackman


  • Penelope Davison
    Penelope Davison

    Director, Assistance on Demand

  • Rebecca Nolley
    Rebecca Nolley

    Listing Coordinator, North Atlanta Office

  • Sharnice Williams
    Sharnice Williams

    Front Desk Coordinator, Cobb Office

  • Toby the Office Dog
    Toby the Office Dog

    Chief Happiness Officer

Developer Services

  • Anne Schwall
    Anne Schwall

    Senior Vice President, Developer Services

  • Benedict_DeannHiRes
    Scott Payne

    Vice President, Developer Services

  • Leslie Pollard
    Ashley Reiss

    Marketing Coordinator, Developer Services

Information Technology

  • David Scanlan
    David Scanlan

    Vice President, Information Technology

  • Aaron Bowie
    Aaron Bowie

    IT Coordinator

  • Leslie Pollard
    Holly Mullinax

    IT Training Specialist

  • Makeba Cousins
    JP Hiro

    IT Solutions Architect

  • Youssef El-Shaer
    Youssef El-Shaer

    IT Support Specialist


  • Ashley Morris
    Ashley Morris

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Aimee Hawkins
    Aimee Hawkins

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Allison Joyce
    Allison Joyce

    Digital Marketing Coordinator

  • Leslie Pollard
    Angela Valente


  • Ansley Warren
    Ansley Warren

    Creative Director

  • Blair Lundy
    Blair Lundy

    Senior Marketing Specialist

  • Claire Rigsby
    Claire Rigsby

    Lead Brand Designer

  • Makeba Cousins
    Dana Daniels

    Senior Marketing Coordinator

  • Effie Blackwell
    Effie Blackwell


  • Emma Baldwin
    Emma Baldwin

    Director, Digital Marketing and Technical Solutions

  • Claire Rigsby
    Jenna Oliver

    Graphic Designer

  • Makeba Cousins
    Kat Winkenwerder

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Katie Clarke
    Katie Clarke

    Digital Media Designer

  • Liza Ashe
    Liza Ashe

    Marketing Specialist

  • Madeline Komic
    Madeline Komic

    Graphic Designer

  • Marianna Barton
    Marianna Barton

    Marketing Specialist

  • Patti O'Dea
    Melanie Hernquist

    Graphic Designer

  • Patti O'Dea
    Patti O'Dea

    Graphic Designer

  • Raquel Buckingham
    Raquel Buckingham

    Senior Marketing Coordinator

  • Tricia Foster
    Tricia Foster

    Graphic Design Director

Property Management

  • Ashley Morris
    Stacie Primm

    Vice President, Property Management

  • Patti O'Dea
    Courtney Bates

    Property Manager

  • Greg Love
    Greg Love

    Field Services Coordinator

  • Dawn Slowikowski
    Dawn Slowikowski

    Property Management Associate

  • Wilfred Campbell
    Wilfred Campbell

    Service Director


  • Ashley Morris
    Leigh Massey Hayes

    Vice President, Relocation

  • Becca Garr
    Becca Garr

    Relocation Coordinator

Our accounting department can be reached at 404.237.5000